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Learn & Become a
Product Manager !

  • 8 Weeks Coaching + 8 Months Career Support
  • Expert-led, application-based curriculum
  • Learn by watching videos solving real world problems
  • Career support to help you land your dream job
  • Affordable Program with Income Share Agreement
  • Guaranteed moneyback, if not satisfied
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Learn with experts from top tech companies

What to Expect


Learn core concepts via engaging live lectures, and then apply them while working on projects in a collaborative setting.


Get personalized feedback on project submissions & doubt resolutions. Learn what areas to improve.


Mock Interview practice, Resume review & Interview cases and Interview Feedbacks to help you prepare for next round!


A growing list of resources - solved & unsolved Product problems, Full Product life-cycle projects, Interview Qs/Cases solved by experts, Monthly Group Coaching & a lot more.


Build a portfolio by working on Portfolio projects to showcase your Product skills!


You get a bond with the mentors who are working in the industry. Feel free to reach out to them with whatever help you need!

What you'll learn

Let us be your Sling Shot to a fulfilling career

What ZapUpp learners are saying..

Founder -> Product
"Highly recommend ZapUpp!! Felt so much more empowered for my  interviews and much more aware of my blind spots!!"

Teeba Alkhudari, Toronto

PM @ Capital One, HBS Grad

Product -> Sr. Product
"ZapUpp is the one resource that would not only help you in your PM interviews but also in your day-to-day PM job."

Ashima Goyal, NY

SPM @ Carvana, Wharton

Tech -> Product (Google)
"ZapUpp was really helpful in my PM transition journey."

Aseem Agarwal, SF

PM @ Google, Parsons-NY

Data Sc. -> Product (Microsoft)
"ZapUpp helped me - Especially Interview prep!  The mentor was professional, knowledgeable and asked questions that mimicked the real-life experience. He went deep into the Product scenarios and his actionable and practical feedback helped me bring my best self to the real interviews."

C Madan, Bellevue

PM @ Microsoft,

MBA -> Product 
"ZapUpp - a truly terrific platform! Their bootcamp is unique and customized to one's need. The Practice Arena pushes you into real-life challenges. And their Interview prep mocks / resources are something that you wouldn't like to miss upon!"

Saurabh, Toronto

Product Analyst @ Rogers

Product -> Product 
"Would highly recommend ZapUpp's mock interview & Course. The mocks had good Qs coverage and the feedback by the mentor helped me prepare better for my upcoming interviews.
The course also has really good examples covering a wide gamut of questions!"

Pallavi, Hyd-IN

PM2 @ Microsoft, ISB Alum

Program Fee / Tution Payment

We Invest in Your Success!

Pay 75% of the fees ONLY when
you get a Product job (or meet the agreed outcome) over easy Monthly Instalments!

Gauranteed money back, if not satisfied

  • Experienced Professionals
    (> 3 yrs Work Exp)
  • Newbies (< 3 yrs Work-Exp)
    [ 10% Off ]
  • Current Students
    [ 23% Off ]

Total Program Fee - ₹ 97990 /-

Payment 1
Part-Tution + Security -  24490 /-
[option to split the amount into smaller payments]

Payment 2
On successful Job Placement / achievement of Agreed Outcome - 73500 /-
[Income Share - 20% of monthly income with total share capped at ₹ 73500]

Total Program Fee - ₹ 85990 /-

Payment 1
Part-Tution + Security - 21590 /-
[option to split the amount into smaller payments]

Payment 2
On successful Job Placement / achievement of Agreed Outcome - 64400 /-
[Income Share - 20% of monthly income with total share capped at ₹ 64400]

Total Program Fee - ₹ 75990 /-

Payment 1
Part-Tution + Security - 18990 /-
[option to split the amount into smaller payments]

Payment 2
On successful Job Placement / achievement of Agreed Outcome - 57000 /-
[Income Share - 20% of monthly income with total share capped at ₹ 57000]

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Check out our LITE (self-paced video) course
focusing on Product 101

– Includes 25 Chapters
– 35 Live Case Assignments & Quiz
– DIY Full Product Cycle Project

Price : INR 5440   1360 /-

Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve developed this bootcamp to cover all the gaps that’s present in current learning system. We’ve a challenging curriculum supported with live examples and real-life Product cases to let you practice each concepts as and when you learn. We push you to be in a Product Manager shoes. And, you do all this while being paired with a Sr. PM from one of the leading tech company, who’d guide you throughout your learning journey and help you with moving ahead in your Product career.

Yes.. Definitely!

Apply using this link

or simply connect with us via

AND let us know about your preferences.

ZapUpp is a community based learning platform developed by a consortium of Senior Tech professionals from around the world, who believe that quality learning should be affordable.

ZapUpp’s USP is High Quality Learning @ High Affordability.

The team (consortium of experts) operates in a Super Lean Mode (rather than being run as a organization). This implies that we have limited expense heads to cover for and run on a razor thin margins!

The advantage allow us to create the World’s Most Affordable Learning Program !

This allows us to pass off the price advantage to the learners & mentors

Yes, we’re flexible with our payment plans. 

You can easily breakdown your tuition fee in multiple instalments of smaller amounts. We would also help you get your tuition reimbursed from your employer.

Also, in case you’re a student or a newbie, we offer additional discounts.

If you are not satisfied with the course. Get in touch within 2 days of the 1st session and ask for refund. We offer money-back guarantee, with no questions asked!

You do not need to pay the Payment 2 (which comprises of 75% of course fee)!

Think about it this way. A month of intensive preparation can land you a PM gig at a higher promotion level. This means that your compensation can increase by 20% – just for one month of work! We believe that the small added value of extra coaching and practice can yield incredibly higher return on investment in your career.

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