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We are working on something and have paused active bootcamps and mock interview preparation.

In case you need any help with your Product career / Interview prep, please reach out to hi@zapupp.com

Founder -> Product
"Highly recommend ZapUpp!! Felt so much more empowered for my  interviews and much more aware of my blind spots!!"

Teeba Alkhudari, Toronto

PM @ Capital One, HBS Grad

Product -> Sr. Product
"ZapUpp is the one resource that would not only help you in your PM interviews but also in your day-to-day PM job."

Ashima Goyal, NY

SPM @ Carvana, Wharton

Tech -> Product (Google)
"ZapUpp was really helpful in my PM transition journey."

Aseem Agarwal, SF

PM @ Google, Parsons-NY

Data Sc. -> Product (Microsoft)
"ZapUpp helped me - Especially Interview prep!  The mentor was professional, knowledgeable and asked questions that mimicked the real-life experience. He went deep into the Product scenarios and his actionable and practical feedback helped me bring my best self to the real interviews."

C Madan, Bellevue

PM @ Microsoft,

MBA -> Product 
"ZapUpp - a truly terrific platform! Their bootcamp is unique and customized to one's need. The Practice Arena pushes you into real-life challenges. And their Interview prep mocks / resources are something that you wouldn't like to miss upon!"

Saurabh, Toronto

Product Analyst @ Rogers

Product -> Product 
"Would highly recommend ZapUpp's mock interview & Course. The mocks had good Qs coverage and the feedback by the mentor helped me prepare better for my upcoming interviews.
The course also has really good examples covering a wide gamut of questions!"

Pallavi, Hyd-IN

PM2 @ Microsoft, ISB Alum

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